THAILAND from ~ $599


THAILAND from ~ $599

from 10,000.00


Prana-Pod at the Oshram - 34 000 Baht pp for 7 nights* (Sept-Oct offer $599)
Thai Hut - 53 000 Baht pp, single for 7 nights - 45 300 Baht pp, shared double/twin for 7 nights (only for friends when booking together)

*Min 3 nights, see below for discounts

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~ Dates in Thailand ~

1 July - March 30, 2020


In Thailand you can come anytime within the dates mentioned. Check availability before booking.

If you have financial issues contact us know to work something us.

Keep in touch to let us know* your dates, to advise on flights or other, and to have your bed under the stars and your fresh mango smoothie ready :)

PRICING: Stay a minimum 3 nights, or as long as you want. 20% off 2nd week, 30% off 3rd week and on.

*We're happy to chat with you. Send us a mail or a message and we'll be in touch.  OLIVE@OLIVERETREAT.COM

*What’s app: +66 830602184 for Ray or +34 619120195 for Cristina

DEPOSIT: For all accommodation, a non-refundable deposit pp (per person), is due to reserve your space of any length. The final payment, due 10 days prior to arrival, is 30% refundable in case of emergency. You can save your payment for a future retreat within a year from the date of the booked retreat. In any case talk to us, we are human and we'll figure it out together :)

NOTE:  There are two listed options but many more places to stay in the village if none suite you. You can have a single room or share a room with someone you know (double/twin room).

Only in Thailand we also offer Prana-Pods and tents for campers at our O·shram. The Huts are 5 min away at a neighboring resort, that has a pool. The O·shram has no pool. Both places are 5 min from the beach. 

CURRENCY: Our website lists prices in Thai Baht for Thailand . You may use a credit card or Paypal. The payment system doesn’t work in Thai Baht so it converts automatically to Euros or USD depending on place and season to today’s exchange rate. Charges will automatically be converted into your currency by your bank. We use the converter for any conversion of currencies.

FINAL PAYMENT: due 10 days before arrival or cash upon arrival. Any additional credit card or PayPal fee will be added to your payment.  We'll send you a mail on payment options for you to decide.

DISCOUNTS: Discounts are applied to the full price, including the deposit, and will be discounted to your final payment, but the deposit is the same. If you book late you might want to pay the full amount online, let us know to send a payment link.

Included in every Olive Retreat

  • Accommodation 5 min from the beach (all options)

  • Airport transfer/round trip, 1 normal bag (you need so little, take half of your stuff out again :)

  • Health booklet + O·8 Mind Detox + Yoga Manual + more

  • Pre-health questionnaire + individualized program

  • Personal assessment upon arrival (incl. Ayurveda test)

  • Personal recommendations upon departure

  • All detoxing food, drinks + 'spiced water' and teas + herbs and more (depending on your issues).

  • Daily individualized Yoga + meditation + breathing Pranayamas + self acupressure + massage

  • Daily Body Health classes + individual one-one

  • Daily Mind Health classes + meditation techniques + exercises

  • Daily Soul Health classes + silent practice

  • Cooking/smoothie classes

  • Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual traditions and practices explained

  • Daily anaerobic + aerobic exercise in pristine nature

  • 1 trigger point treatment (more can be provided at your cost)

  • 24h staff and lots of time to talk and make friends

  • Two months “back-home-support”

  • Excursions (markets, temples, mangrove forest, nature reserves, OTOP weaver project, etc)

  • ADDITIONAL - Karma Yoga - orphanage, dog rescue center, Trash Hero

  • ADDITIONAL - 3 months Life Coaching support (info)

Everything is optional, depending on your level of desired involvement, no pressure.

Not included: Flight tickets, domestic transfers, personal insurance, extra massages/treatments.

DISCLAIMER : The classes/consultations offered by Olive Retreat Nutrition and Health Advisers are not intended to replace a medical diagnose, treatment or relationship with your health care providers.  Our classes/recommendations are not intended as medical advice. They are intended as a sharing of knowledge and information about a healthy lifestyle, from our education, research and experience. The information and service provided is not used to prescribe, recommend, diagnose or treat a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for medical care. If you suspect you or any other person may have a health problem, you should consult your/their G.P. before the consultation or class.